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AsiaTech Education offers training courses for individuals and team in various Smartphone repair world-wide. Our courses based on practical experiences, with trainers who are experts in the field of smartphone repair. training with english as the language of instruction, so it can be followed from any country you come from.

Need Smartphone Training ?

For now, the world of smartphones hype improvement in repair eMMC and eMCP. We provide these materials in particular as a major issue by using UFIbox as tools that have been tested and reliable in the world of smartphone repair. some of the topics contained in the discussion of the course are as follows

• Android operating system explaination, including file system exploration
• Know about all partition in MTK files format, partition on Qualcomm files format, partition on Samsung files format. ( These brands dominate the entire population of smartphones in the world )
• Tool, files and mode for flashing in general mtk, general qualcomm, general intel, LG and Samsung, also debrick and JTAG methode will explained in this chapter.
• How to use tools such as adb, fastboot, 3rd party, including knowledge base about root, efs, nv, qcn, meta, network, diag port, and all stuff that need to know to repair imei and security.
• emmc and emcp technical concepts, such as total blocking diagram, which one is controller and whats inside the controller, how to works, and about NAND parts technical based. Also feature inside them, such as ecc, smart report, 6 register inside the mcu firmware, etc.
• How to know which one is eMMC and which one is eMCP, use part code that wrote in IC.
• At eMCP, how to know ram spesification, including type of LPDDR, instruction set and density of each bank on it.
• Schematics exploration on oppo, lenovo and samsung to know more about eMMC and eMCP circuit deployed on the board. Including concept of pull up on cmd and dat, ldo supply on vcc and vccq, clk generate and many more.
• How to measure circuit board resistance on whole of 162 pin, 186 pin, 153 pin, 169 pin and 221 pin
• How to do glued ic removal, use drill and forced pull
• How to reball and how to resolder ic to the board use a safety methode.
How to connect directly to emmc, use isp and ic socket
identify protocol, communication between host ( ufi ) and emmc controler. And register that acces by ufi, for example OCR that importand to set up communication : supply ( vcc and vvccq value ) bus width, bus speed ( mhz ) and also CID register for identify the card id, CSD and also EXT_CSD.. what we can do with thoose register.. modify and use the information to apply best / suitable configuration for the target phone.
• Step by step methode to set up eMMC to their best performance use UFIBox.
• How to fill / write / programming nand ( each partition ) use a general methode and factory image also how to detailed write to userarea partition
• How to read and backup use UFIBox, for simple backup reason, make a own dump reason or maybe for secure backup in a phone that security not revealed till now ( for examples TA in a sony phones, imei in a nokia phones ) this methode is also necessary to backup modem part when we dont wanna get some difficulties after changed emmc in a xiaomi redmi 3 and above.
• How to use full dump, how to use recovery dump, how to combine one of methode and other methode, how to make and use sd card image this is will make us have a abilities to repair and programming phone storage in all condition that we meet
AsiaTech Education give you the opportunity to become a smartphone expert in your country !!
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